This simulation was made during the 2020 UW-Whitewater virtual Game Development Summer Camp week 2 using the package given to campers (with some additional coding). I was a counselor of this camp, and I had a great time helping the campers make some games in Unity!

This simulation pits spaceships against each other until only one is left standing. There are many different settings that can be changed in the Game Settings window. In the battle, you can move the camera by clicking and dragging and zoom in and out using the scroll wheel.

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hey i press play and nothing appens

can you make it so i can download please i want it PLEASE


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Sure I can make you a download! I'm glad you like it :D
- Edit: Unfortunately I no longer have the project files, so I am unable to create a new build, but feel free to try out my other games!

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Fun little game, two things I would absolutely love:

-You can create teams

-You can control a unit if you wanted to

A couple other things that will be nice and fun to have:

-If teams are added, you can make custom stats per "Team" (and to add even more unique units, you can have multiple groups in a team with different stats)

-New units

If anything, I'd like to help with this stuff (not a programmer), I can make art and such for new units, more maps, and other things if you wanted. I love battle simulators, thankyou for this fun little game :)

Thanks! This was just a little project I made during one of our summer camp sessions, so I'm likely not coming back to it. 

I am glad you like it!