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hey i press play and nothing appens

can you make it so i can download please i want it PLEASE


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Sure I can make you a download! I'm glad you like it :D
- Edit: Unfortunately I no longer have the project files, so I am unable to create a new build, but feel free to try out my other games!

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Fun little game, two things I would absolutely love:

-You can create teams

-You can control a unit if you wanted to

A couple other things that will be nice and fun to have:

-If teams are added, you can make custom stats per "Team" (and to add even more unique units, you can have multiple groups in a team with different stats)

-New units

If anything, I'd like to help with this stuff (not a programmer), I can make art and such for new units, more maps, and other things if you wanted. I love battle simulators, thankyou for this fun little game :)

Thanks! This was just a little project I made during one of our summer camp sessions, so I'm likely not coming back to it. 

I am glad you like it!