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Castle Repair

*This game requires at least 2 controllers to play. 

*Was built using Xbox controllers. Other controllers should work, but configuration might be off.

Castle Repair is a 2-4 player battle royal that consists of two phases. The hand phase shows each player's hand of cards. Players can choose the card(s) they would like to play for the battle phase. When all players have picked their cards, the game will switch to the battle phase. Excluding abilities, all players can one hit any other player with a dagger and gain one point; the last player standing wins the round and the round points. These points can be spent on two things during the hand phase. Players can buy XP to level up and use more cards during the hand phase, or they can spend points to repair their tower. A player wins the game by completely repairing their tower or reaching level 5.

This game was created for the Global Game Jam 2020. 


Hand Phase:

A, B, X. Y   ->   Play Card

Left Trigger   ->   Show Active Player

Right Trigger   ->   Instant Ready Button

Select   ->   Buy XP

Start   ->   Repair Tower

Battle Phase:

Left Stick   ->   Move Player

Right Stick   ->   Aim

Right Trigger   ->   Throw Dagger

Win Conditions:

-Reach Level 5        OR

-Completely Repair Tower

Wesley McWhorter - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @WesMcW

Jake Klein - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @ZombyKillr

Leah Blasczyk - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @Lebrra

Nathan Frazier - Sound Design, Programmer, Graphic Development @somebadRAM

Kyle Mcclendon - UI Design, Programmer


CR_Windows.zip 31 MB
CR_Mac.app.tar.gz 30 MB

Install instructions

Download and Unzip the file.

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