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This game has been honorably mentioned in the 2021 MAGD Expo at UW-Whitewater!

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     Welcome to Online Party Game!

Online Party Game is an online board game inspired by Mario Party.

     Play with your friends online!

Online Party Game supports 2-6 player games. Send your friends your room code written at the top of the player list in the lobby (click on the code to copy it!). Players are able to join a lobby by clicking join game and typing in/pasting the room code.

     Race to the finish line!

Players take turns choosing if they would like to roll a dice [1-3] or gamble their roll to play a minigame. If this player wins the minigame, they get to roll a better dice [4-6].  If any other player wins the minigame, they get a free dice roll [1-3] that does not count for their turn. The first player to get to the end of the board wins!

     Play head-to-head minigames!

Compete against your friends in real time minigames! There are currently only 3 minigames in our roster, but we have many planned to add soon!

This project was made for MAGD 487 - Portfolio Development capstone project. 
Created by Leah Blasczyk and Wesley McWhorter.
Art assets by Synth Studios.

Good luck, and thanks for checking out our game! 


Online Party Game.zip 28 MB
Online Party Game.app.tar.gz 26 MB


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This was a fun mini-party game! I think some of the minigames can be improved but overall there is a lot of potential in this game to be the next mario party game. Adding more minigames and adding more depth to some of them, particularly item fall, would put this game high up on my recommended list for a group of people to play!