Papersaurus is an open-world puzzle game that requires you to explore the world and discover the abilities you have. There are five different dinosaurs that you can change into, and each has its own unique skills. Some dinosaurs are only available in certain areas of the map. To change to a different dinosaur, you must first change back to the original raptor. If you are not sure what to do next, the pause screen has lots of useful information. It shows you what dinosaur you currently are, the actions you can perform, the other dinosaurs you can currently change into,  and your overall progress in the game so far. The goal of Papersaurs is to collect five teeth, one for each dinosaur. 

This game was awarded runner-up at the UW-W MAGD Expo in 2019.

Created by: Leah Blasczyk (@Lebrra), Sydney Myers (@squidmyers33), Wesley McWhorter (@WesMcW), and Sawyer Novara 

Install instructions

WebGL is playable in browser.

Download is also available; download includes Mac and Windows applications.


Download 110 MB

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